At Geebung Family Chiropractic, we are here to help the whole family by providing the best standard of  Chiropractic care. Whether you are experiencing back pain or headaches, feeling the effects of repetitive work postures, or simply trying to reach your health potenti...
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Dr Randy Hoysted - B. App. Sci. / B. Chiropractic

Dr Randy began chiropractic care as a 13yo after an injury from a horse accident. Having discovered the benefits of chiropractic care the passion for the art was ignited. After 5years of study she graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor Applied S...
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Temperomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction and Chiropractic Treatment

TMJ dysfunction (Jaw dysfunction) is a commonly experienced musculoskeletal issue.  People regularly consult us for Chiropractic advice regarding TMJ issues, from clicking, soreness to Jaw tension that seems linked with headaches.  Chiropractic care is focusse...
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Geebung Chiropractic Back Pain management Brisbane

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems people consult us for at Geebung Family Chiropractic. There are a variety of causes of lower back pain and our chiropractors are all trained to properly assess, diagnose and provide the best Chiropractic advice, treatment an...
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North Brisbane Chiropractors for pregnant mothers

Patients of Geebung Family Chiropractic often seek advice from us during Pregnancy about:  - Back pain and Sciatica during pregnancy - General aches and pains during pregnancy - Webster Technique Chiropractic care during pregnancy is gentled safe for both mum and baby, ...
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Cranial Adjusting

January 13, 2021

Cranial and Craniosacral Chiropractic

Chiropractic Cranial and Craniosacral gentle techniques...
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What does being a BUPA and Medibank Private preferred Chiropractic provider mean?

We are BUPA and Medibank Private preferred providers for children and adults and are glad to be able to provide this service to the Brisbane North community, in conjunction with BUPA and Medibank Private. This means that we charge the set preferred provider fees as spec...
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Back pain during pregnancy

September 20, 2020

Back Pain, Spinal Discomfort and Headaches May be ‘common’ but aren’t ‘normal’

During your pregnancy, you will experience a number of changes and challenges physically, mentally and emotionally. Some of the physical changes can result in discomfort in your body and often this includes back pain, spinal discomfort, hip pain or headaches.  Some of t...
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